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Telltale Signs of a Young Artist
Hyperallergic, August 2017
The indicators that I would become an artist weren’t about drawing talent; they were about knowing I was, ahem, special.

The Time Edward Albee Almost Bought My Painting
Hyperallergic, July 2017
As a Gen X art student, I lived up to the slacker cliché a little too well for my own good.

Goodbye to All That: Why Do Artists Reject the Art World?

Hyperallergic, March 2017
Martin Herbert’s latest book is a collection of essays about 10 artists who play with the system, struggle against it, or walk away altogether.

How do artists function under tyranny?
Hyperallergic, December 2016
5 books to read about how artists in Germany and France responded to Nazism.

The Mystery of the Painter of Light™
Hyperallergic, March 2015
Thomas Kinkade was a painter of cabins, lighthouses, and improvable sunsets. He was an avowed evangelical Christian who fortified his saccharine landscapes with passages from the scriptures.

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