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After getting my professional start as an arts news writer, I worked my way up to communications director for a major art fair. I then made my move into the nonprofit world and I haven't looked back.

All in all, I now have more than a decade of experience writing, editing, and managing content for impact. My passion (yes, passion!) lies in helping mission-driven organizations become more effective through content that connects both their audience and their staff to the brand.

You might question whether branding is important for nonprofits—isn't it a corporate concept? If so, I suggest you ask yourself how people perceive your organization—do they see it as professional and trustworthy? Does it come across as genuine? Can they tell it apart from other nonprofits in the field?

What about your staff—do they know your organization's story? Are they using its mission as the foundation for all messaging? Are all their communications aligned with a consistent voice?

If you aren’t sure, we should talk! Contact me at or connect with me on LinkedIn.


Thank you for making this site look nice, Ryan Dunlavey!

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