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Brand story

The challenge: After two decades of recognition as a leading resource of academic articles and books, JSTOR introduced images and primary sources, as well as new tools for research and education. We needed a foundation with which to align and inspire all product experience and marketing design work.

The solution:

Working alongside a designer and a product specialist, we interviewed leadership, a selection of staff across departments, and people outside the organization. I then led the team in writing JSTOR's brand story, tying the organization’s past to its present and pointing to its future.

The results:

The brand story brought clarity to a changing organization. It validated the changes by connecting them to our mission and provided a vision for more changes to come.

JSTOR is for the intellectually curious — both lifelong learners and those searching for answers to specific questions. We support them because the humanities, social sciences, and the arts help us contend with complex moral issues and show us how to lead a more meaningful life.

Born in libraries, JSTOR pioneered the digitization of academic journals. This relatively humble idea has had a profound effect. Rare, forgotten, and isolated materials join fundamental scholarship and become part of the discourse. Critical content is preserved for the future and discovery improves dramatically. New connections are forged.

We believe in the power of knowledge to change the world for the better. As researchers look for insights in established disciplines and emerging practices, JSTOR will continue to deliver an environment where they can understand our history and help chart our future.

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