Bill Ain’t Bad: Tutoring in Shakespeare

Graphic by Marcus Unger - students simply hate Shakespeare. He’s hard, boring and irrelevant – or so they think! I provide extra-curricular tutoring to students young and old to help them get the most out of their study of the Bard of Avon.

Please note: My tutoring is not limited to Shakespeare. I can offer tutoring services in English literature across a range of genres and authors.

Who am I? (Or, Why would you pick me for your tutor?)

I am an award-winning university lecturer and long-time theatre practitioner who is well-versed in Shakespeare. I have a lifelong dedication to making Shakespeare comprehensible (and even enjoyable). I am driven by the belief that the idolatry of Shakespeare has been counterproductive. Superstardom may have helped Cardi B, but it seems to have made Shakespeare about as popular as a root canal. Let me help you change your view of Bill!

I have over 13 years of experience helping Shakespeare make sense to middle, high school and post-secondary students. I have also published on several Shakespearean plays, as well as contributed in the area of the Renaissance to a number of reference books and encyclopedias.

How it Works

I meet with students individually or in small study groups (4-6 people). Together, we can review relevant topics for individual plays and poems. For example, if your professor/teacher has been exploring the intersection of race and gender in Othello, and you have no idea what she is talking about, we can address the issue in a customized and accessible format.

"Will.I.Am" by Rebecca deBoer

We can also discuss specific assignments. This may involve chatting about what shape an upcoming assignment may take or reviewing work you have already done.

Middle & High School Students
I am happy to come to your home (provided it is in Kingston). It is my preference that a parent or another adult is in the home while I am with you. Details can be worked out with you and your parent / guardian. I can also tutor via Skype.

University Students / Adult Learners
I usually arrange for students / adult learners to meet me at a café or public college / university study area.



    • For one-on-one tutoring, I charge $41.25/hour.
    • Rates (from as low as $25/hour) decrease as duration and number of participants increase. Details available upon request.

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