Copyediting and Proofreading

I have 19 years’ experience copyediting and proofreading diverse documents for clients in North America, Asia, the UK and Western Europe. I am acclaimed for sharpening and clarifying my clients’ voices without drowning out their unique styles. I can also trim documents that are too long and transform complicated and tortuous language into plain text. Finally, I can provide manuscript evaluation services for fiction.

My clients include:

  • Academics
  • Lawyers, expert witnesses and policy-makers
  • Government agencies and non-governmental organizations
  • Swiss Consulate General
  • Gold producer focused on responsible mining
  • International relief/development agency
  • Independent public policy think-tank
  • Professional athletes
  • Poets, novelists and short story writers

Sample manuscript editing projects include:

Civil Becomings by Dr. Raúl Acosta (University of Alabama Press, 2020).

Geopoetics in Practice (1st edition) edited by Drs. Eric Magrane, Linda Russo, Sarah de Leeuw and Craig Santos Perez (Routledge, 2019).

Battle Royal: Monarchists vs. Republicans for the Crown of Canada by Dr. David Johnson (Dundurn Press, 2018).

A Beginner’s Guide to Language and Gender (2nd edition) edited by Dr. Allyson Jule (Multilingual Matters, 2017).

Swiss Immigration to Canada: Achievements, Testimonies, Relations by Dr. Ilona Shulman Spaar (Consulate General of Switzerland, 2013).

After the Spring: Probation, Justice Reform and Democratization from the Baltics to Beirut by Dr. Johannes Wheeldon (Eleven International Publishing, 2012).



My quote for your project will depend on a few criteria, including:

  • Nature of the editing assignment. Manuscript evaluations are billed very differently than copyediting. Condensing work takes more time than proofreading.
  • Nature of the client. Students, for example, pay less than professionals.
  • Timeline. Next-day or weekend contracts, when it is possible to schedule them in, will incur a 25% surcharge.

Please contact me for a quote and to discuss a timeline. My basic hourly rate is CA$55/GB£33 (CA$41.25/GB£24.75 for students), and I bill by the quarter hour. Please ask me for rates in your currency. I regularly edit for individuals around the world and manage these payments through PayPal.

For lengthier projects (10,000+ words), I offer a free post-edit consultation (to a maximum of one hour and if desired by the client). Subsequent consultations are billed at the original hourly rate. Please ask for details.

There are no hidden fees and no taxes.


  • Payment is due on receipt of your edited document.
  • I accept payment via Interac e-transfer (electronic bank transfer) and PayPal (PayPal will incur a 3% surcharge).
  • I do not accept personal cheques.
  • In cases where you are billing your employer, company cheques are acceptable.
  • Meetings/consultations are billed at the same rate (CA$55/hour).
  • The editing process is not a guarantee that your work will be published.
Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

72 hours’ cancellation notice is required. Otherwise, 50% of the editing quote will be charged.



My copyediting fee generally includes:

  • Checking for correct grammar and spelling, clarity, coherence (basic coherence such as smooth transitions between sentences and paragraphs). I also point out lapses in consistency with capitalization, the spelling of certain words, spacing, dashes, etc.
  • Finessing prose where words or phrases seem clunky, colloquial, overly formal, wordy, etc. I may also point out overuse of certain words, figures of speech, dashes, hyphens and ellipses, to name a few.
  • Depending on length, subject matter and the writer’s wishes, I may suggest some reorganizing (usually, in the case of monographs, this is within chapters/subsections rather than within the entire book), recommend certain changes to chapter/subsection titles, highlight redundancies, etc.

My copyediting fee generally excludes:

  • Formatting to meet certain criteria (APA, MLA, etc.). However, if the publisher has basic formatting suggestions (e.g., no serial comma, em dashes, not en dashes), I am happy to ensure your work conforms to those. Even if you are not provided with formatting guidelines, I like to ensure these are consistent.
  • Checking formatting of footnotes/reference pages (I do edit footnotes for content).
  • Verifying that author/source citation is included in the References.
  • Indexing.

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