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The challenge: Artstor was a digital library of images for education available only by institutional subscription. Since most visitors to the site couldn’t access the resource, it was difficult to give them a sense of all that it had to offer. Furthermore, the name Artstor suggested that the content was of interest only to art history departments.​


The solution:

When I arrived, Artstor’s blog was a dry repository of press releases. I expanded its direction, creating engaging posts that showed not only highlights of the content behind the paywall, but also demonstrated how these images could be used by departments in all disciplines. Later, I started featuring short essays by librarians and instructors that showed some of the ways Artstor helped them in their work.

The results:

In the five years that I edited and wrote for Artstor’s blog, traffic increased eightfold, and several posts performed well on Google, boosting Artstor’s domain authority.

Read some of my blog posts

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